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It all began in the early Seventies, in Palermo, Italy, when I was just  about 5 or 6 years old. My father, a journalist himself, would take me to Il Giornale di Sicilia, where he worked, and we wouldn't leave until 2 am, when the newspaper was finally rolling out of the printing press.

The excitement to know the news before everybody else in town, the deafening sound of the printing works, the smell of the liquified lead flowing through the linotype machines, they all contributed to get that  "virus" inside me early in life. I knew I was going to be a journalist.
Fast forwarding to New York City, where I moved in 1985 when I was a 20-year old, I worked as a reporter and editor for the Italian daily newspaper Il Progresso. In 2003, after being for 10 years the sport editor for America Oggi, as well as a contributing writer for Il Giornale di Sicilia, the news agency Italpress, and the weekly Economy, I became a senior writer and editor for Panorama, the most sold weekly magazine in Italy.
In 2006, I founded Il Sole d'Italia, a bilingual Italian and Spanish magazine printed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
I currently live in New York City where I'm a senior editor at America Oggi, the only Italian daily newspaper published in the United States.



my other passion

I'm also a soccer coach, and I teach soccer because it's in my DNA. I played in Italy, for Palermo's youth as a goalkeeper, for about ten years before moving to the USA. One of my coaches was Zdenek Zeman, former coach of Roma, Lazio, and many other Serie A teams. I owe him so much, and his teachings are always present whenever I write about soccer - and when I coach soccer. Right now I'm coaching for Triboro Kickers, a great soccer academy in New York City.


I'm not a fan of social medias, so I don't use them.

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